An Assembler of Skills
IMA’s 3,000 employees are fully committed to providing top-notch service.
The people handling assistance calls have a unique mission and vocation: helping others.
They are at the beneficiaries’ service, and they respond to their every need in the best way possible... in any of the 23 languages that are spoken in our offices on a daily basis.
They can rely on the know-how and expertise of our specialized staff for issues concerning motor vehicles, the home, the building trade, legal advice, transport and medical matters... all of this on a 24/7 basis.
Automotive assistance is one of the fields in which IMA has the most experience. With over one million interventions throughout Europe, 951,000 of which are in France alone, our expertise in this field is a pledge of quality and efficiency.
Thanks to our extensive network of responsive and skilled roadside assistance and towing service providers, we arrange timely interventions throughout the territory.
Based on this business volume alone, IMA stands out as the leading provider of assistance in France.
Our 32 dispatching physicians, who work for us on a part-time basis, are hospital practitioners for the most part, and a number of them are also emergency physicians with the SMUR and SAMU ambulance units. A team of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, and nurses also participates in our activities in the medical and sanitary fields.

Last year, we provided 14,143 sanitary transportations, nearly 2,394 of which required significant interventions by our own medical teams.

As the IMA Group remains the unequaled leader in this field, its signature phrase hits home once again:
" For your assistance, only one border... planet Earth. "
While assistance requires solid technical skills, it is also deeply rooted in a humane approach.
"A breakdown, a mechanical problem, an accident... Whatever the situation, it is always difficult for the person experiencing it.
In 2012, IMA arranged over 1,472,467 roadside assistance or tow truck interventions throughout Europe and the Mediterranean area."
"We ensure utmost medical vigilance in planning each and every sanitary evacuation.
Tried and tested technical preparation and people-focused caretaking are also of the essence ."