Running the Network of Service Providers
IMA has developed a solid international network composed a large number of service providers who are available on a 24/7 basis to respond to our requests in terms of beneficiary needs.

These providers have agreed to IMA’s Quality Chart and constitute a bona fide intervention force in the field. They are selected and subsequently monitored and verified regularly by our dedicated field teams. Our service providers are IMA-certified on a yearly basis.
Automotive assistance is one of the fields in which IMA has the most experience. With over one million interventions throughout Europe, 951,000 of which are in France alone, our expertise in this field is a pledge of quality and efficiency.
Thanks to our extensive network of responsive and skilled roadside assistance and towing service providers, we arrange timely interventions throughout the territory.
Based on this business volume alone, IMA stands out as the leading provider of assistance in France.
Depending on the circumstances and events, IMA relies on wide-ranging skills: from breakdown and towing assistance to ambulance service, from roofers to specialized caretakers for the disabled, from home helps to locksmiths, from hotels to taxi drivers...

All of these specialized professionals are available any time of the day or night.
All over the world, we have agreements with over 190 airlines, a number of train companies and the leading car rental companies.
To complete this network from an international standpoint, our local technical and medical correspondents ensure IMA is present in the field.
These correspondents are the primary contact people for the ill or the injured and for our 32 dispatching physicians.
Beneficiaries under the policies taken out by our clients travel around the world. This is why IMA has registered and approved 8,000 medical facilities (hospitals, clinics, etc.) throughout the five continents.
These are carefully selected in terms of stringent criteria and are regularly visited by IMA physicians specifically dedicated to this type of assignment. These facilities also accept third-party payment of residual hospital expenses.
Last year, we arranged 14,143 sanitary transports of which 2,394 required significant support by our own medical teams.
These teams are made up of 300 transport physicians and nurses working for us on a part-time basis and who are also employed by the SAMU and SMUR emergency services. Our teams also include psychiatrists and clinical psychologists.