Requesting a travel insurance certificate
In which case do you need a travel insurance certificate ?

Travel insurance certificates are required in the following situations:
applying for a visa to travel for some countries.
applying for a visa to travel within the Russian Federation (important note: this state pays particular attention to date agreement on the round-trip ticket and the travel assistance certificate)
a request issued by the organizer of the trip (schools, educational facilities, associations, travel agencies, etc.)
to Cuba
How to obtain your travel insurance certificate

To obtain an a travel insurance certificate, please complete all the requested information below.
Upon receipt, our travel insurance certificate service will process your request as soon as possible (this service is open from Monday to Friday).

You should plan to request your certificate at least two weeks before your departure or your visa application.
The information and data transmitted to IMA through the insurance certificate request form are provided under your sole responsibility. IMA cannot, under any circumstance, be held responsible for this information.

Should you require any modifications to an issued certificate, please note the reference number and contact IMA: +33 (0)5 49 75 75 75

from France :

Request your certificate online
If you need a certificate for more than 6 people, please contact IMA services:
+ 33 (0)5 49 75 75 75
from France :
Who is your insurer ?
What is your destination ?
Your request concerns
a person, a family
a legal entity, an association, a school, a work council
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