Traveler’s guide
Whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a family, you want to do so under the best conditions.

To help you prepare your trip, whatever your destination and regardless of the season, we provide you with reliable information, especially when it comes to health and safety issues.

Please find below a number of useful links.
Links to institutional sites   Links to other useful sites
Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs
Official bodies and actions of France across the world.
Advice for travellers.

Institute for French citizens living abroad
Institutional site for expatriates. News, country portal, advice …

World Health Organization (WHO)
International travel and health, vaccinations, country info …

Department of Health and Sports
Healthcare information and health warnings.
Advice for travellers …

Health protection agency
Health agency linked to the Ministry of Health and Sports.
Information on different topics, national and international news ...

Inter-agency site dealing with threats of pandemic influenza
Prevention, vaccination, recommendations for travellers ...

"Centers for Disease Control and Prevention" Atlanta, USA
U.S. government inter-agency site.
Information on health and global security.
Data by country of destination, travel advice ...
Leading international French language general information site.
Section with practical information for travellers (weather, world times, telephone codes, currency converter …)

Portal of French motorway companies
Itineraries, maps, traffic info, services, advice ...

Road Safety
Centre providing information and raising awareness on road safety and travel.
Features, advice and practical information ...

Bank of France
Up-to-date information currency exchange rates and the value of the euro.

World meteorological organization
Specialized agency of the United Nations providing research, information bulletins and weather forecasts and warnings for the whole world...


Please note : a new version of this page is currently under development.
It will provide a country-by-country detail of the following information :
- required administrative procedures (visas, driving licenses, document legalization, etc.)
- medical and sanitary information (inoculations, epidemics, infectious diseases, etc.)
- safety and daily life conditions (risks and advice, food hygiene, etc.)