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Business & leisure travel assistance
People travel more and more everywhere in the world, whether it is for business or pleasure, for humanitarian assignments or university studies, for training or as an au pair.
Your clients, members, or staff are required to travel regularly for a number of reasons. You want to provide them with appropriate assistance coverage in terms of the situation they are likely to face.
Let us help you find the protection coverage you need.

Our wide-ranging assistance also covers leisure watercrafts and the people on board.

We are committed to helping people through any problem they may experience by providing an immediate and efficient response... whatever the reason of their travel.
In Case of Injury or Illness, IMA Takes Care of All Patient Medical Needs
Transfer to the nearest appropriate medical facility
Medical repatriation with the assistance of a medical team (doctor and/or nurse) if necessary
Coverage of medical and hospital fees overseas, over and above that provided by the public health system
Third-party payment of residual international hospital expenses
Obtaining and shipping medication, eyeglasses or prostheses
Psychological counseling following a traumatic event
Coverage of search and rescue expenses including transportation to an appropriate medical facility following skiing accidents in France, if they occur within authorized ski areas
Coverage of mountain rescue expenses overseas, whether related to the practice of skiing or not
We make sure the patient is not alone in case of injury and illness:
Coverage of round-trip travel expenses for a family member if the patient cannot be transported, is isolated or is under 15 years of age
Coverage of accommodation expenses for the accompanying person
Coverage of return trip expenses for the accompanying person, traveling with the patient whenever possible

Assistance and Overseas Adoptions
Normally, the status of beneficiary is granted only once the child has arrived in French territory.
At IMA, however, children can be covered for medical fees and repatriation if needed as soon as their visa authorizing their entry into French territory is delivered... even if they have not actually arrived yet
  INFO: Adopting a child overseas takes place in five steps:
an administrative or legal authorization is issued in the child’s home country
the child is placed with the adoptive family
a visa authorizing entry into French territory is issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
a placement certificate is delivered by an official French institution
the adoption is validated in France following an administrative or legal procedure
Lost or Stolen Identity Documents, Bank Cards and Checkbooks, Travel Tickets, or Money
Referral to the local IMA correspondent
Advice on procedures to be followed (filing a report, stopping payment, document renewal)
Advance of reimbursable funds
In Case of Death, IMA Handles All Necessary Procedures
Repatriating the body
Coverage of funeral assistant fees
Coverage of transportation expenses to the place of interment in France
Coverage of expenses related to preparing the body
Coverage of the cost of the coffin or urn necessary for transport
Assistance with administrative procedures

Bringing the family together
Coverage of the return trip to the burial place in France for policy beneficiaries who are traveling
The same arrangements apply if decided by IMA doctors when the death is impending and unavoidable

IMA offers an SMS text messaging service for deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired customers.