An IT Systems Engineer
From a logistical standpoint, we have conceived telephone and computer systems that enable us to handle high call volumes.

When necessary (peak periods of activity, unforeseen events, natural disasters), we are able to pool our means and our resources to ensure fast response times.
Original Interoperability   High Flexibility   Client Reporting

IMA’s IT system was developed to allow access to and processing of each case file from any of the company’s sites.
This unique “client-server” system ensures seamless servicing and top-notch synergy between our
11 assistance platforms
in France and overseas.

  Whatever the circumstances, we are able to handle significant variations in our flow of activity, regardless of the channels used (telephone, mail, text messages, faxes, etc.) to request assistance.
Our information technology and communications facilities have been designed and tested to respond to peak periods of activity.
  Dedicated and secure "extranet" services are available to our clients to facilitate information exchange and operations follow-up.
Through these links, it is possible to obtain real-time information on ongoing operations as well as reports and statistics.