People That Get Involved
When people contact IMA, they are seeking help.
Each situation is unique. Providing a personalized response that is adapted to the difficulty encountered is crucial.

All of our teams are trained and experienced to act appropriately.
IMA employees are professional assistance specialists.
Their duties and capabilities include on-the-spot decision-making, and they are able to work out the most suitable solution to a specific situation in terms of policy coverage.

Throughout Europe and North Africa, they welcome callers in one of the 23 languages used in our company on a daily basis, reassure them and develop the best possible assistance response.
Emergencies Are Our Business
24/7, our teams are there to respond to any and all needs for assistance... whether it’s around the corner or anywhere on the planet.

In the face of sudden major accidents or upheavals and climatic events (air or train crashes, political unrest overseas, storms, cyclones, tsunamis, heat waves, etc.), we are able to mobilize crisis units or multidisciplinary intervention teams in a very short time thanks to our know-how and our responsiveness.
Efficiency Criteria
A large part of our company’s payroll is dedicated to funding continuing education for our employees.

We also pay particular attention to the quality of the training delivered to our seasonal staff (extra help during peak periods of activity).
For these jobs, we are particularly demanding where recruitment is concerned.

Our staff’s high-level performance is also linked to the company’s low employee turnover rate, under 2%.
It is also and mostly due to our employees’ personal commitment in carrying out each and every aspect of our operations.